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A white paper is an authoritative report designed to educate and assist people in making decisions. I issue white papers when the subject matter is important to business owners, but it is too technical or complex to address in the limited length appropriate to an article or blog posting. Below you will find my most recent papers on business ownership topics.

They are provided as aids to business owners, but are also promotional materials for my speaking, writing and blog. The material is copyrighted but users are welcome to reproduce them in their entirety, as long as the cover page and my author’s bio are included.

The Papers:

Performance Reviews:
Best Practices

Employee Fraud:
Case Studies of Typical Scams

How to Cut Staff without Cutting Your Throat

Employee Motivation:
A Step by Step Guide to Effective Incentives

Small Business Legal Formation:
A Guide to Structure and Governance Issues

Business Planning:
A Very, Very Simple Approach

Prospering in Challenging Times:
89 Things You Can Do to Reduce Expenses and Improve Cash Flow

My Blog:

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