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John F. Dini | Business Ownership: Author, Speaker, Exit Planner, Consultant and Coach

John F. Dini - Speaker and Business Ownership ExpertEach day I live with the ups, the downs, the peaks, the valleys, the rewards and the occasional nightmares that impact scores of business owners.

As an exit planner, coach, facilitator and consultant to hundreds of entrepreneurs, the operator of a dozen peer groups and a business owner myself, I spend almost every waking moment discussing, writing and speaking to professional organizations about the challenges and rewards of owning a business. I eat, sleep and breathe business ownership. I don’t hunt. I don’t fish. I don’t even play golf. Business ownership is both my vocation and my recreation. I think owning a business is the most interesting thing anyone can do.

I am a fanatical supporter of business owners; the 3% of America’s population who create over half the employment opportunities in this country. I spend my weekdays working with owners, presidents, CEOs and managing partners. My weekends (aside from time with my family) are usually spent writing and blogging about the many facets of business ownership and the impact of the baby boomer generation. It is my passion. Some folks say it is my obsession.

After having extensively researched the issues facing baby boomer business owners, I have developed an eBook and Seminar called “Beating the Boomer Bust,” which I present to business owners and their advisors throughout the United States. The eye opening statistics and inescapable logic about the impact of aging baby boomer business owners gives audiences the knowledge and the tools they need to succeed in the coming “future shock.”

Please feel free to look around my website and don’t forget to register to download my White Papers on business ownership topics. After registering, you will also be able to sign up to receive my Weekly eColumn on Business Ownership, “Awake at 2 o’clock in the morning?” via email or rss feed.

If you own a business, or are planning to become a business owner, I hope the resources and information found here will help you on your way. Business owners are the engines of the economy. I can think of no higher calling than to create value for customers and employees.

Thanks for stopping by!

John F. Dini, CMBA, CExP, CBI

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