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“Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself…”

If you’re a Boomer, you know that line. But instead of Sympathy for the Devil, I have deep Empathy for the Entrepreneur. Business owners are the 3% of America’s population who create over half the employment opportunities in this country. I spend my weekdays working with owners, presidents, and CEOs of privately held companies. My weekends (aside from time with my family) are usually spent writing and blogging about the many facets of business ownership and the impact of retiring Baby Boomer owners who still run almost 2/3 of today’s private companies.

A 21st Century Hunter
I am a champion of the hunters in modern business; the entrepreneurs, salespeople and executives who create opportunities for everyone around them. I write, speak and coach exclusively to and for those whose contributions are too often forgotten in a business world that focuses on the farming tasks of managing an enterprise. I live with the ups, the downs, the peaks, the valleys, the rewards and the occasional nightmares that impact scores of business owners. It is my passion. Some folks say it is my obsession

Been There; Done That
I’ve owned no less than a dozen businesses, including companies in manufacturing, distribution and healthcare. Although the current catch phrase for such people is “serial entrepreneur,” I prefer to think of myself as chronically unemployable. I have signed both sides of my paycheck for over thirty years, with my income for the last twenty of those generated by helping other business owners.

Not Exactly My Idea
Like many consultants, my experience is largely based on what I’ve learned working with clients. Unlike most others; that experience comes from looking through the eyes of over 500 business owners in virtually every type of company. From construction to high tech, and from professional services to manufacturing, I likely have specific knowledge from working with successful companies in your industry.

My Clients
I am passionate about working with business leaders who compete aggressively, play fair, and seek to improve the lives of their employees and their community. Unless you check all three of these boxes, we probably won’t work well together.

The Boring Personal Stuff
My education is bicoastal, with a BS in Accounting from Rutgers University in New Jersey (Go Scarlet Knights!), and a Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University in California (Go Waves!). I’m also a Certified MBA, and hold six additional certifications in exit planning, business brokerage, behavioral analysis, medical practice management, facilitation and coaching. I live in San Antonio, Texas (Go Spurs!) with my beautiful wife of 40 years, whom I married prenatally.

“Pleased To Meet You…”

 Contact Me About:
      • Keynote presentations to business owners of all ages, trade or professional associations and entrepreneurial groups.
      • Exit, succession and transition planning for owners who want to leave their companies with full market value, on their
        own schedule, and with little to no risk after their exit.
      • Coaching for professional advisors who work with transitioning Boomer owners
      • Bulk purchases of my award-winning books for entrepreneurs

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