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Based on thousands of hours of face-to-face coaching with business owners, my presentations are informative, insightful and compelling. Stories are mankind’s oldest tool for learning, and I fill my keynotes with entertaining and relevant anecdotes about real entrepreneurs and the challenges they’ve overcome.

In addition to keynote presentations, I also offer professional workshops on a few critically important business ownership topics. Please feel free to contact me for further information or to schedule a speaking engagement for your next trade or professional association meeting.

Keynote Presentations:

Beating the Boomer Bust

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What will happen when the Baby Boomers step down from active productivity? Get ready because the largest, wealthiest, most acquisitive and competitive generation in American history is about to pass the baton.Boomer Bust Graphics and Fun FactsMore Boomer Bust eBook InfoPresentation Details

Presentations John F. Dini Boomer Bust FlyerSince his seminal article in 2007, John F. Dini has been educating audiences about the coming perfect storm. The retirement of two-thirds of America’s small company owners will intersect with a generation that is much smaller, less entrepreneurial, and has a variety of options they find more appealing than business ownership.

John F. Dini speaks about “Beating the Boomer Bust“ to business owners and their advisors throughout the United States. His eye opening statistics and inescapable logic provides a competitive advantage in the approaching buyer’s market for small companies.

Hunting in a Farmer’s World

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Hunters have been the leaders and risk takers in society for thousands of years. They are the Entrepreneurs who create jobs, organizations and new products with vision and initiative.Take the Hunter/Farmer QuizVisit the Hunting Book SitePresentation Details

John F. Din Presentations Hunting FlyerUnfortunately, Hunters are often victims of their success. As they build opportunities, they get trapped in the farming tasks of management. Hunters are creators, and have no patience for the farming tasks. They hate repetition, and frequently fail at the more routine tasks of running an organization. Understanding their Hunter personality will help explain why they do what they do.

From his work with entrepreneurs, John developed his award-winning book and keynote presentation “Hunting in a Farmer’s World,” which examines the strengths of people who explore and create, along with the forces in modern business that discourage them from doing what they do best.

Business Ownership Workshops:

  7 Sins of an Entrepreneur
  11 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Selling Your Business

My Recent Audiences:

American Society of Women in Accounting
Synergy Business Owners (South Carolina/Georgia)
Execupay National Users Conference (2012, 2014)
Weaver Partners
Business Bank of Texas
Broadway Bank Family Business Resource Center
San Antonio Non-Profit Council
Texas Public Radio Newsmakers Hour (Podcast)
Texas Foundation Repair Association
DataPath Inc Connections 2012 National Conference
CCN International Partner Conference
Grand Rapids Business Forum
Central TX Assoc. Government Guaranteed Lenders
International Association of Practicing Accountants
Big Breakfast (Ft. Lauderdale)
Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association
Universal Unilink National Meeting
What Do You Want From Your Business? (BC, Canada)
The Exit Planning Institute
The Exit Planning Exchange

Independent Laboratory Distributors Association
16th Annual National BEI Exit Planning Conference
Keynote Speaker at Exit Planning “Cashing Out”
TAB National Business Owner Success Series
Business Owners Success Series (Dallas)
Pittsburgh Business Success Series
CPA Society Managing Partners Meeting
National Shoe Retailers (Las Vegas)
Treasury Management Association
San Antonio Executives Association
Financial Planners Association
Value Improvement Partners (Dallas)
TX Society of CPA’s Advanced Estate Planning
Philadelphia Regional Business Owner Conference
Synergy Texas
Baltimore Business Prosperity Series
H&B Business Owner Forum (San Diego)
Attorneys for Family Held Enterprises (Chicago)
The Galliard Institute for Family Advisors

Contact Me About:
      • Keynote presentations to business owners of all ages, trade or professional associations and entrepreneurial groups.
      • Exit, succession and transition planning for owners who want to leave their companies with full market value, on their
        own schedule, and with little to no risk after their exit.
      • Coaching for professional advisors who work with transitioning Boomer owners
      • Bulk purchases of my award-winning books for entrepreneurs

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