11 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Selling Your Business

11 Things by John F. Dini
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You Absolutely Need to Know About
Selling Your Business
 by John F. Dini

Selling your business will be one of the most significant financial events in your life. The process can be intimidating and complex. In the second edition of my book, 11 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Selling Your Business, I use a straightforward step-by-step approach that provides the blueprint and tools needed to prepare, market, and sell any business.

A Valuable Addition to Every Business Owner’s Reference Library

Selling a small business has become both easier and harder in the last couple of years thanks to the information readily available on the Internet. However, it now requires more preparation and even better planning due in no small part to the impending tidal wave of baby boomer business owners getting ready to exit their companies. After years of working with owners seeking to transition, I realize that now more than ever they need the guidance of a professional before starting the sale process if they want to maximize the financial results.

Developed through years of “straight from the shoulder” conversations with entrepreneurs, 11 Things gives you the tools you need to sell your business at the best price. A valuable addition to every business owner’s reference library, this second edition is completely updated and illustrated with real-life stories.

Thank you for your interest. Copies of the book are available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback and hard cover formats. If you would like further information about bulk sales or the 11 Things workshop, please make contact. I sincerely hope you enjoy the book and find the content valuable and useful.
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11 Things: A Video Review

The Exit Plan Show: Oct. 22, 2014
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11 Things by John F. Dini on the Exit Plan Show

Norman A. Hood, CExP, host of The Exit Plan Show, reviews John F. Dini’s book, 11 THINGS you Absolutely Need To Know About Selling Your Business. Dini starts off by helping you answer one of the universal questions that many exit planning books ask: When should I sell my business? His answer, however, is different than most. According to Dini, it’s time to START planning for the sale of your business the first time you have a rough day and think… “I don’t want to do this any more.”, or […]

11 Things Book Reviews

Reading the “11 Things” will be one of the best investments in time anyone thinking about selling their business can make. The booklet points out things that most business owners don’t know — but absolutely need to know– about selling their business.

Allen E. Fishman, Author, Syndicated Columnist, Founder & CEO TAB Boards International, Denver, CO

In my opinion, if you are a business owner who fails to learn these eleven things, you are guilty of entrepreneurial mal-practice. John Dini does an admirable job of showing you how to avoid that fate. Concise and well written in a language any business owner will understand, “11 Things” works through the key issues you need to learn before you hire your first advisor to guide you. By the way, you will have to hire someone to guide you; doing it all by yourself is a fast way to lose a lot time, money and business value.

Paul Cronin, Director of Business Development, Successful Transition Planning, Boston, MA

Small business owners need to understand the process of selling their business even if they are not planning to begin the process for years in the future. I have purchased many of these books to share with my clients who have found this book very useful. It sets out a road map you can use on how to deal with the various people you need on your team in order to make sure you have a successful deal. It describes in detail how you need to interact with each of your team members and what to expect in all phases of the sale process.

Jacquelyn Gernaey, President, HyTech, Port Jefferson, NY

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