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I am passionate about business ownership and helping entrepreneurs grow their companies. I deliver owner focused keynote presentations and professional workshops to presidents, CEOs, business owners and advisors across the country. Samples of my work along with my television interviews can be found below. For a complete list, check out my YouTube channel.

Professional Keynotes: Speaker Reels

Beating the Boomer Bust:

What will happen when the Baby Boomers step down from active productivity? Get ready because the largest, wealthiest, most acquisitive and competitive generation in American history is about to pass the baton.Boomer Bust Graphics and Fun FactsMore Boomer Bust eBook InfoPresentation Details

Hunting in a Farmer’s World:

Hunters have been the leaders and risk takers in society for thousands of years. They are the Entrepreneurs who create jobs, organizations and new products with vision and initiative.Take the Hunter/Farmer QuizVisit the Hunting Book SitePresentation Details

Perspectives: Business Ownership

I spend almost every waking moment discussing the challenges and rewards of owning a business. I eat, sleep and breathe business ownership. I don’t hunt. I don’t fish. I don’t even play golf. Business ownership is both my vocation and my recreation. I think owning a business is the most interesting thing anyone can do.

Why Business Owners:

A Unique Plan:

Our Approach:

Television and Video Interviews:

The Exit Plan Show:

On Aug 24, 2015 Certified Exit Planner and host of The Exit Plan Show, Norman A. Hood interviewed John F. Dini of MPN Incorporated on location in San Antonio, TX. Norman discussed with John the way MPN, Inc. helps business owners by using their own experience. They have earned their business spurs with action, by delivering under pressure, and by bearing personal responsibility for the gains and losses of their own companies.

The 7 Deadly Sins of an Entrepreneur:

San Antonio KENS 5 Eyewitness News interview of April 4, 2010 hosted by Brian New discussing my popular seminar for business owners “The 7 Sins of an Entrepreneur.” “The number one sin is the owner’s own sin, lust. It’s because you own a business and nobody can tell you no.”

Seminar Clips:

With eye opening statistics and inescapable logic, this presentation provides business owners with the competitive advantage they will need to transition in the approaching buyer’s market for small companies. For more information, visit The Boomer Bust Keynote Presentation page.

Beating the Boomer Bust Video Clip:

Beating the Boomer Bust Slide Demo:

Contact Me About:
      • Keynote presentations to business owners of all ages, trade or professional associations and entrepreneurial groups.
      • Exit, succession and transition planning for owners who want to leave their companies with full market value, on their
        own schedule, and with little to no risk after their exit.
      • Coaching for professional advisors who work with transitioning Boomer owners
      • Bulk purchases of my award-winning books for entrepreneurs

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