The Boomer Bust | Timeline

The Boomer Bust by John F. Dini | Timeline

The Boomer Bust Timeline 1945-2030

The Boomer Bust Timeline Image by John F. DiniThe Boomer Bust timeline maps the U.S. and World events that occurred during the Baby Boomer years from 1945 to present and the impact that the boomers themselves will have on society in the future. This unique look at the Post WWII birth rate boom provides an insightful look at the effect that baby boomers have had on all aspects of society but most importantly, on small businesses in America. Trends in politics, lifestyle, healthcare, and small business have all been influenced by the Baby Boomers.

Timeline Navigation Instructions: Move the two orange date arrows closer together to make individual events easier to read or use the zoom features in the top right corner. If you want further details about a specific event, click the image and you will be redirected to the boomer bust timeline hosting page.

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