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Professional Speaker: Radio/Podcast Interviews

In my role as a professional speaker, I have been interviewed on radio talk shows across the country. I am a 10-year member of Jim Blasingame’s “Braintrust,” the largest community of small business experts in the world, appearing regularly on “The Small Business Advocate” nationally syndicated radio program as an expert in the issues of business ownership.

The “Small Business Advocate” Show hosted by Jim Blasingame

jim-blasingame-the-small-business-advocateI am featured monthly on Jim Blasingame’s “Small Business Advocate” radio show. Please follow the links below to listen to my most recent interviews or visit the John F. Dini “Small Business Advocate” page to see a full list of all my radio interviews.

June 19, 2017 John Dini joins Jim Blasingame to discuss some of the implications that are on the horizon as millions of Baby Boomer business owners are nearing the planned or unplanned exit of their business.

June 19, 2017 John Dini joins Jim Blasingame to reveal why Baby Boomers who own a business must be developing a plan that will allow them to sell their businesses to the smaller generation who’s likely to be a prospect.

June 19, 2017 John Dini joins Jim Blasingame to discuss why he wrote his new book about the unprecedented scenario we have with millions of Baby Boomer business owners nearing retirement.

April 19, 2017 John Dini joins Jim Blasingame to reveal two questions every business found has to ask themselves as they’re planning to divest of the business to the next generation of owners, including are they ready, and will the business stand alone financially.

April 19, 2017 John Dini joins Jim Blasingame to ask business founders to think about what they will do after they sell or give their company to the next generation of owners.

April 19, 2017 John Dini joins Jim Blasingame to remind that we’re all going to leave our businesses one day, one way or another, and why the best practice is to have a plan that gets you out the door head first.

March 7, 2017 John Dini joins Jim Blasingame to reveal some of the opportunities and challenges of selling your business to employees, including using the ESOP method.

March 7, 2017 John Dini joins Jim Blasingame to reveal what an unsellable business is, what causes them, and discuss how to change that status.

March 7, 2017 John Dini joins Jim Blasingame to report on some of the demographic and behavioral issues that make it more difficult for Baby Boomers to sell their businesses.

January 4, 2017 John Dini joins Jim Blasingame to reveal ways to make sure key employees are part of the value of your business, and aren’t in a position to hurt the value.

January 4, 2017 John Dini joins Jim Blasingame to reveal different ways to identify value components in your business, that are outside the traditional valuation calculus.

January 4, 2017 John Dini joins Jim Blasingame to reveal the unique demographic landscape Baby Boomer business owners find themselves in, as they contemplate divesting.

The Exit Coach Radio Show hosted by Certified Exit Planner, Bill Black

Exit Coach LogoI have been a part of the Exit Planning community for well over a decade. I took it as a huge compliment when Bill Black asked me to appear on The Exit Coach Radio Show to talk about Beating the Boomer Bust after he heard me speak at a national conference. Bill is a Certified Exit Planner who interviews Advisors, Authors and Thought Leaders for their Tips, Ideas and Precautions on a wide variety of business and lifestyle topics. I hope you find the content useful and thought provoking.

John F. Dini: Beating the Boomer Bust
May 3, 2015 In this podcast, Bill and John discuss answers to these questions and more: Why are Baby Boomer owners different from the generations that precede and follow them? What are the three trends that impact the sale of Boomer businesses? What are the attributes of Boomer businesses that turn off younger buyers?

Nursery Management Grower Radio Network hosted by Managing Editor, Matt McClellan

Grower LogoThe Greenhouse Management and Nursery Management magazine teams bring you the biggest news and hottest trends in the ornamental grower market both through printed media and via their Grower podcasts. That includes all the aspects that effect running a successful business. I was pleased to be interviewed by Matt McClellan, Managing Editor of Nursery Magazine about my book, Hunting in a Farmer’s World and discuss the differences between entrepreneurs and managers.

John F. Dini: Hunting in a Farmer’s World
April 29, 2015 In this podcast, Matt and John discuss the personality traits and working styles that define Hunters and Farmers in the business world. The hunting instincts that lead entrepreneurs to open their own businesses have very little to do with a desire to focus on management issues. In business, management is primarily handled by farmers, those who prefer processes.

The Fresh Kisgen Show hosted by serial entrepreneur, Doug “Fresh” Kisgen

Fresh Kisgen LogoI am delighted to have been interviewed on The Fresh Kisgen Show, where Doug interviews entrepreneurs considered to be in “GO-Mode.” He has a unique approach to the organization of his podcasts. Interviews are broken down into four categories in order to appeal to an entrepreneur’s desire to “choose their own adventure.” Pebbles in the Pond (the start), Rocks in the River (the right now), Boulders in the Ocean (future strategies) and Clouds in the Sky (philosophical).

105: John F. Dini; “Sleeping on the Shelving” (Pebbles)
October 22, 2014 John Dini is a self-admitted workaholic whose consulting business, MPN, morphed from his desire to spend more time with his family. Today he shares how things got started and why he’s always felt a little crazy.
106: John F. Dini; “Do Something About it, Bozo!” (Rocks)
October 23, 2014 In this episode, John shares tips and tricks from his book, Hunting in a Farmer’s World, and he leaves the listeners with some valuable information to take and implement.
107: John F. Dini; “It’s a Crowded World Out There” (Boulders)
October 24, 2014 In today’s episode, John talks about MPN as a lifestyle business as well as working with baby boomers and how they need to have a sense of urgency.
108: John F. Dini; “A Mind Like Flypaper” (Clouds)
October 25, 2014 John started out with survival on his mind, but now he wants to help others create “life wealth.” He loves his days, because he gets to be each one of the Village People and more, all in one-hour increments, so his ADD doesn’t bother him much, and when he comes home at night, he is exhausted, but satisfied.

The “Biz Broker Talk” Radio Show hosted by Robert Howells and Doug Sheiding

BizBrokerTalkLogoI have been the featured guest several times on the Biz Broker TALK radio show. Designed to be an educational show for buyers and sellers of small businesses (Main Street) through Business Brokers, the show is podcast weekly with interviews of professionals who provide ways to maximize sales value so that a business can be successfully sold. Click a link below to listen to the original podcasts.

The Small Business Owner: aka “The Hunter.”
February 24, 2014 The hosts interview John to discuss his recent book “Hunting in a Farmer’s World: Celebrating the mind of an Entrepreneur”. It’s a book about business ownership (Hunting) not business management (Farming). Understanding what drives a successful business owner can help when planning their exit strategy.
“Beating the Boomer Bust: The Rising Tide”
February 4, 2014 John joins the show to discuss the impact of retiring Baby Boomer owners on the small business landscape. “Social and economic circumstances have made the Boomers the largest business owning generation in American history. Their exit over the next 20 years will dramatically change the look and influence of small business.”
“Exit Planning, Five Ways to Leave Your Company”
Jan 7, 2014 Choosing how you want to transition from your business isn’t a decision to be left to the last minute. An orderly succession is the least you owe to your employees, your customers and your family. John joins the hosts to discuss things you can start doing now to dramatically effect your long-term equity.

The “Build Your Business” Radio Show hosted by Barbara Weltman

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