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Published Business Articles

I have written numerous articles on business topics for a variety of publications. A few of them are listed here with links to the original source. My most recent writings and insights on the challenges facing today’s entrepreneurs can be found on my blog at Awake at 2 o’clock?


Winning the Talent Wars
If you haven’t heard the term “Talent Wars” yet, you have now. They are heating up, and most small businesses aren’t very well equipped to compete in them. “Talent Wars” refers to a growing shortage in the U.S. labor market for properly trained and educated employees. Starting prior to the Great Recession, there has been a mismatch between people seeking jobs and those who hire them.[…]

June 2015
Article Weekly: Winning the Talent Wars
CPA Practice Advisor: How to Win the Talent Wars
PPAI Publications: Winning The Talent War, Part 1

Hunting in a Farmer’s World
Everyone in business is either a Hunter or a Farmer. The working style that fits you best isn’t a matter of choice, nor is it determined by your job description. It is ingrained by eons of cultural evolution. The working styles of a hunter and farmer are markedly different. Hunters are linear. It is their nature to focus on the kill. A hunter moves towards a goal, and on reaching it begins to immediately look for another objective to accomplish. A farmer’s work is cyclical, tracking the seasons from planting to harvest. Their evolutionary traits also apply to an office environment.[…]

May 2015
TPI (Turfgrass Producers International) Business Management: Hunting in a Farmer’s World
North Carolina Engineer: Hunting in a Farmer’s World
The Virginia Engineer: Hunting in a Farmer’s World

February 2015
Morning Post Daily Exchange: Hunting in a Farmer’s World

January 2015
Article Weekly: Hunting in a Farmer’s World – Are You A Hunter or Farmer?
Controlled Environments Magazine: Hunting in a Farmer’s World
Promotional Consultant Today: Hunting in a Farmer’s World
Nursery Management Magazine: Hunting in a Farmer’s World – Two Working Styles

Beating the Boomer Bust
More than 60 percent of U.S. business owners are more than 50 years old, and many of them are looking toward retirement and the process of attracting and vetting potential buyers to take the reins. The differences in yesterday’s and today’s business landscapes are stark—as Boomers were raised in a highly competitive environment, many face the problem of having built companies that won’t attract a new generation of buyers.[…]

February/March 2015
AG Professional: Business-Beating the Boomer Bust
Westfair Communications: Column: Finding the right successor in a challenging market

January 2015
PB Oil & Gas (The Permian Basin Petroleum Association Magazine): Beating the Boomer Bust (Excerpt)
Smart Business News: Leadership Lessons – Beating the Boomer Bust
The Chimney Sweep News: Beating the Boomer Bust
Green Industry Pros: The Landscape of Business Ownership Is Changing
Smart Business: Beating the Boomer Bust

December 2014
Business Xpansion Journal: Business Salability: 3 Trends to Know
Life & Health Advisor: How do you prepare to sell the business that you’ve built?
Article Weekly: Beating the Boomer Bust
Technical Support Magazine (pp 17-18): Beating the Boomer Bust
Advisor eNewsletter (pp 30-32): How do you prepare to sell the business that you’ve built?
Morning Post Exchange Magazine: Generations – Why do Boomers work so hard?
Personal Excellence Essentials (pp 16-17): Beating the Boomer Bust – Planning and foresight can help

November 2014
Dentistry IQ: Boomer or bust? Challenges facing Boomer business owners
APEX 360 eNewsletter: Boomer or bust? Challenges facing Boomer business owners

The Articles:

Competition Doesn’t Always Reduce Cost
October 2012 – Most Texans, especially Texas businesspeople, are in favor of free markets and competition. In health care, competition doesn’t always mean that the consumer gets a good deal. When I worked in the […]

Most Legal Battles Played by Risk Rules
July 2012 – If you are in business for any length of time, eventually you will face a situation where the only solution appears to be the legal process. A customer who doesn’t pay his bill, […]

Treading Water is a Poor Business Plan
June 2012 – At least weekly, some small business owner says to me, “I can’t make any big changes in my business until this recession is over.” If there is one thing I appreciate about the Great Recession of 2008, it’s […]

Baby Boomers are not Planning to Retire Any Time Soon
February 2012 – In a nationally distributed survey of business owners, more than half of those owners who were born during the Baby Boomer generation said they are planning to work well beyond […]

Alternative Board Members Reporting Strong Revenue, Job Growth
January 2012 – A survey of business owners in San Antonio showed that 61 percent of respondents posted an all-time record year for revenues, profits or both according to The Alternative Board (TAB) […]

Recession, Recoveries Bring out the Sharks
March 2011 – A number of our business owner clients have been calling lately to ask about an offer that seems to good to be true. The owner gets a call saying that a top business consultant […]

Workplace Tech Gap is Generational Thing
August 2009 – The Baby Boomers may be approaching retirement age, but the recession and its corresponding hits to their retirement plans will keep many in the workforce long […]

Guest Voices: Small business and “Tweeners”
July 2009 – A client asked me last week, “Do you think that companies have a size at which they are particularly difficult to manage?” Great question and I think the answer is probably, “Yes” […]

Companies Reconsidering the Company Car – and Truck
May 2009 – A company car has long been a prerequisite for sales people, executives, and small business owners. Although the Internal Revenue Service requires documentation […]

Growing Out of Business Part 4:
October 2008 – Do you want to be a contractor or a construction company? – Ask somebody who owns a company that builds structures, “What do you do for a living?” The most likely answer is […]

Growing Out of Business Part 3:
September 2008 – When is the time right to cut margins? – Construction companies work in a difficult and competitive environment. For both general and subcontractors, there is a constant […]

Growing Out of Business Part 2:
August 2008 – Avoid the Big Mistake – Every contractor knows the danger of a bad project. One runaway job can wipe out the profit from 10 that have been well-run. If that runaway job is… […]

Growing Out of Business Part 1:
July 2008 – The construction industry is unique in many ways. One of the unusual feature of a construction company is its ability to grow at virtually any rate, to almost any size […]

Will business owners face a “Boomer Bust?
January 2008 – The vast majority of TAB members are baby boomers. Those born between 1946 and 1965 have a skewed view of the world. Because there are 76 million boomers […]

Does a Small Business need a Second Life?
October 2007 – For small business owners, new technology presents a constant challenge. They usually don’t have the time to check out cutting edge advances until their customers […]

The Boomer Bust – Selling in a Competitive Environment
March 2007 – American Baby Boomers represent the largest single economic event in history. For 20 years, the children born to the World War II generation have […]

The Sergeant’s Halberd (An Obsolete Management Tool)
October 2006 – A few years ago while in Austria, I had the opportunity to visit one of the world’s finest collections of arms and armor. One section was entirely devoted to a display of […]

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