Exit Planning Consultant and Coach

Exit Planning Consultant and Coach

I not only provide extensive exit planning services to Baby Boomer business owners but I also exclusively consult and coach the owners, presidents, CEOs and partners who bear personal responsibility for the organizational success of closely held companies. I am passionate about working with business owners who compete aggressively, play fair, and work to improve their community and the lives of their employees.

My Consulting Approach
All businesses exist to fulfill the vision of their owners. Those objectives may include financial security, generational wealth, opportunities for others or benefits to the community. In many cases, it is a combination of all these things. Any plan of action starts by defining that vision, which may or may not be shared publicly. A personal vision is different from a company vision.

Exit Planning and Retiring BoomersExit Planning and The ExitMap
As a nationally recognized authority on the impending tidal wave of Baby Boomer exits, I help coordinate the operational and financial complexities of business transfers. Comprehensive exit planning is much more than tax and estate advice. I’ve developed a tool set designed specifically for collaboration between business owners and their professional advisors in assessing the practical business obstacles that might impact a lucrative transition. Try the ExitMap Assessment (FREE).

Engagements and Fees
I engage only after acceptance of a written proposal defining the client’s objectives. Compensation is typically via monthly retainer or scope of work fee, with occasional contingency compensation in a transaction. I do not seek hourly “fix-it project” assignments.

Contact Me About:
      • Keynote presentations to business owners of all ages, trade or professional associations and entrepreneurial groups.
      • Exit, succession and transition planning for owners who want to leave their companies with full market value, on their
        own schedule, and with little to no risk after their exit.
      • Coaching for professional advisors who work with transitioning Boomer owners
      • Bulk purchases of my award-winning books for entrepreneurs

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